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- magnitic drilling machine
- radial/pillar drilling machine
- milling cum drilling machine
- drill point grinding machine

all cut india's pioneer mr. j. p. rathod developing advance technology to solves drilling problems of indian industries. he built technology for saving time, money and energy. day by day there is lot of problems of skilllabour, and now all cut machines ealily work with unskill man with high accuracy every time.

portable magnetic drilling machine major problems of structure work of steel construction is drilling well and fast equipment available for cutting and welding and for drilling portable machine upto 50 mm. capacity it cuts with imported broach cutter it cuts only a border and save inside materiel. then machine easily make 400 to 500 holes in 12 mm. thick plat in one shifts.
no need of pilot drilling upto higher capacity dia.

magnetic drilling machine with using twith drill 12 mm., 23 mm., 32 mm., capacity machine available with two and four speed imported drill motor. motor with safty overload clutch to remove maintanance of armiture and carbun brush. high and low speed variation for ever big and small drilling. high performance waterproof two pole elector magnetic base. advantage of a
machine it makes upto 32 mm. dia. hole directly without pilot in vertical horizontle and ocerhead position. insted of ordinary machine it can works continously 6 to 8 hours.

drill point grinder at present skill worker can not grind drill bit as proper as company standard. with unproper drill bit machine take vibration. unparallel cutting edege spoit costly machines spindle and auto power feed. with hand grind drells get holes with ovality. all cut
machine takes care every aspact of drill poing. a precesion point is a point with perfect eometry perfect points means more holed more quickly witch are trully round, accurately on centre and with high surface finish.

milling cum drilling machine multi purpose milling cum drilling is very ureful for every tool room for multi work like milling drilling, reaming, tapping and boaring.

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